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» Dark Citadel Arena Rules
Mon May 06, 2013 8:59 am by Esgaroth

    Dark Citadel Arena Rules


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    Dark Citadel Arena Rules

    Post by Esgaroth on Mon May 06, 2013 8:59 am

    DCA Rules

    §1 Forum Rules
    §1.1: By using this forum you agree to follow these rules. Violation of these rules can result in a temporary or permanent ban from the forum, in for you unfavourable storyline decisions (like loosing a title) or being eliminated from the roster.
    §1.2: The moderators and the admin of this forum try their best to enforce these rules, but even we are only human. If we miss a violation of the rules, please report it to us by a PM in the Forum or in TWG.
    §1.3: Swearing is allowed in this forum and in the chat, as long as it's not done excessively. Swearing is only allowed for expressing one's mood, not for swearing just because you can.
    §1.4: Although swearing is allowed to a degree, insults and mobbing are not, neither in chat nor elsewhere in the forum. We (the mods and admins) try to always be polite and friendly, and we expect the same from you.
    §1.5: Discussions are allowed and wanted here. But please note that everyone has their own opinion. Don't mock or insult anyone because of it. Instead friendly and politely explain why you see it differently. Don't try to convince others of your opinion, keep the discussion formal.
    §1.6: You may discuss religious, political and ethical topics, as long as you follow the rules in §1.5. Racism, discrimination, etc. are forbidden topics and will be punished severely.
    §1.7: If you have a problem with one of the other users, try talking to him/her/them to get it out of the world. Don't come running to the mods and admins because of every minor misunderstanding.
    §1.8: Moderators and admins have certain privileges and powers in this forum. If you have a problem with a moderator or admin, or if one of them is abusing his/her power, please inform me (Esgaroth) via PM in TWG or in the forum.
    §1.9: Only I (Esgaroth) am allowed to make anyone admin or moderator, and only I am allowed to take that status away from them. If you want to become forum moderator or admin, please contact me via PM.
    §1.10: You can talk in chat about file-sharing and illegal downloads. But you are never allowed to share anything you don't own via this forum or chat. This means: no download links, no links to sites where one can download illegal software and no description of how to do so. Downloadlinks to legal stuff may be shared though.
    §1.11: Porn and nudity are forbidden in this forum, may it be videos, pictures or text. Remember, there are children using this forum.

    §2 Contracts
    §2.1: Only I (Esgaroth) decide who gets a contract and which. Don't promise anyone a raise or a contract, that's my job as General Manager.
    §2.2: Don't talk about your contract with others than me (Esgaroth), neither in the forum nor in TWG. A contract is a proof of my trust into you and is not debatable.
    §2.3: If you think you deserve a better contract, please talk to me (Esgaroth) in private, not in any chat or in a topic at the forum.
    §2.4: The contracts show how much I value your efford for the fed. This does not only contain the quality and amount of your RPs, but alot more. The decision who gets which contract lies with only me (Esgaroth).

    §3 Roleplays
    §3.1: The roleplays have to fit the TWG rules for roleplays:
    §3.2: Actions have to be written italic.
    §3.3: Speeches have to have the name in bold in front of the text, followed by a :" and the text. The whole speec has to be colored. (Example: Esgaroth: "I am the GM, you are nothing!"

    §4 Wrestler Pictures
    §4.1: All wrestler pics have to show real or very realistic persons, no drawn ones. Animals and fantasy creatures (like dragons) are not allowed. Pctures half human and half animal/creature are ok, as long as they still look realistic.
    §4.2: There are no pics allowed that show nudity or sexual acts. Keep your porn in the hidden folder of your pc.
    §4.3: Pictures copyrighted by the WWE, or whic are showing persons currently signed with WWE, are not allowed.
    §4.4: Pictures from TNA or from persons not under WWE contract are allowed by TWG, but I'd rather not see them.It's always possible that a former WWE star returns, and there are enough great pictures out there, so be creative.
    §4.5: The final call if a picture is ok or not lies with the DCA Staff.

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